AEGIS Explained

The driving philosophy behind our martial arts academy is the AEGIS system. This is unique to our school. The meaning of AEGIS is protection and relates to “The Shield.” In Greek mythology.

It is based on 5 key concepts that define success in life

       A-   Attitude- understanding that we control how we think and feel and our attitude affects both behaviours and outcomes

E-Expectation- living life through setting goals for what we want to achieve and believing that we can achieve them

G- Game plan- making plans on how to achieve our goals

I-Implementation- taking action to achieve our goals

S-Study- thinking about what worked well/ did not work well- what we need to do to improve.

The AEGIS self defence system works on the street, preparing our students for any eventuality. We teach every student how to cope and react in any combat or difficult situation. This does not necessarily mean having to fight, as one of the benefits of learning the martial arts system is “the art of fighting without fighting”.  In martial arts, the student must use the mind as well as physical ability to overcome their opponent. Therefore, Martial Arts is much more than just kicking and fighting. It improves the mind and helps each student to make better decisions and lead a much happier and healthier life. As such, the AEGIS martial arts academy also helps your child to develop better reasoning skills and concentration, both of which are vital for academic success.

The AEGIS system is based on the five intelligences:

Heart- emotional intelligence

Mind- mental intelligence

Body- physical intelligence

Spirit- spiritual intelligence

Harmony- holistic intelligence

The aim is to reach balance in our everyday lives.